Get 83% Weekly Open Rates With A Chatbot

Snaps platform drives 400% higher conversions, automates customer service & delivers authentic brand engagement

Build Once, Launch Everywhere

Best-in-class, easy to use tools that enable you to build and update the same chatbot across all messaging apps - with the push of a button.

Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging breakthrough machine learning and natural language technologies like Wit.AI and IBM Watson, you can always make the conversational feel more human.

Measure Your Success

Real-time analytics, funnel optimization & A/B testing tools empower you to get actionable insights ensuring customer joy and sales go up.

Leverage Your Existing Tools & Database

Easily import product inventory data, content, responses to free text inputs, and more.

Never Make Your Customers Wait On Hold

The days of 1-800 numbers are over. Our platform can answer the FAQ’s of your most demanding customer, while integrating with your Zendesk, Sprinklr or other support systems behind-the-scenes when necessary.

Grow Your Audience

Acquire users at costs well below market rates by using in-bot data and Snaps proprietary referral tracker.

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