Beginners Guide To A.I – What Is AI?

  The Difference Between AI, NLP, NLG, and NLU – What It Means for Marketers?  These acronyms refer to key elements involved in language technologies. Collectively they offer marketers a way to “listen” to what their customers are saying and provide solutions for their pain points, wishes and wants. Most companies have so much data […]

Snaps Launches New #BeStrong Emojis With Monica Lewinsky For Anti-Bullying Month

We are so proud to help drive awareness around Bullying Prevention Month and the issues surrounding cyber-bullying.  Today, bullying prevention social activist Monica Lewinsky announces the launch of the “In Real Life” PSA campaign – including new additions to the #BeStrong suite of emojis (powered by us at Snaps). October is Bullying Prevention Month and […]

What Google Assistant Means For Brands

The Future of SEO – Google Assistant Today, Google announced a diverse lineup of hardware termed the ‘Made by Google’ family. They’re bringing new phones, headphones, camera, VR device, speakers, and laptops to market.  But what made the announcements so meaningful today transcends hardware. The most important news today is the proliferation of the Google […]

Michelob Ultra Launches Weekly Workout Chatbot With Snaps

Every year, nearly 25M people participate in at-home workouts. This number has been steadily increasing since 2006, despite the fact that health clubs and specialty fitness boutiques are on the rise and their revenue is growing. With this knowledge in hand, Michelob ULTRA is ready to help. Laundry Service and Michelob ULTRA utilized the Snaps […]

Simon Launches “Digital Concierge” Through Snaps Enterprise Chatbot Platform

We love this line from Chain Store Age, “Simon is debuting a new type of concierge — one that never calls in sick.” Simon launched a new Chatbot for Retail through the Snaps Conversational Marketing Cloud – an enterprise chatbot platform. Simon, a global leader in premier shopping, dining and entertainment destinations, announced yesterday that […]