Supercharge Your Social Conversations with Conversational AI

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This Post Was Originally Published on Sprinklr's Blog on May 15, 2019.

Recently, Snaps partnered with Sprinklr – the world’s first Social media management software – for a webinar exploring how modern marketers can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for more human interactions. 

Read on for some of the insights provided by Yoli Chisholm, VP of Marketing at Sprinklr, and Christian Brucculeri, CEO of Snaps.

The Current State of Social

Staying afloat during the fourth industrial revolution means shifting from traditional customer service channels like phone and email, to modern social and messaging support. As companies make the move to digital properties, however, they’ll notice different customer behaviors.

“Customers today listen to each other instead of brands,” Chisholm explained. “They expect brands to know them and deliver on a personal level. It’s no longer one size fits all. Organizations have to shift and modernize their front office, where teams are enabled to make customers happier with access to data.”

Modern customer care centers on proactive issue resolution, in real time. Customers can now engage on the channels they prefer, whenever it’s convenient for them. The webinar further cemented the fact that brands can no longer expect customers to call a support line or fill out a lengthy online form as a default.


With 95% of customers eager to tell their friends and family about bad buying experiences, and 81% of consumers willing to spend more for better service, the new landscape is both a blessing and a curse for businesses. Digital media has created a more competitive landscape for businesses, and customers don’t have to look far to find alternative suppliers for what they’re looking for.

The Growing Need for Conversational AI

We know that consumers expect responses within minutes of reaching out to a brand, but how do care agents keep up? With billions of social messages sent each day, it’s easy to see how teams can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online requests.

This is where automation and conversational AI comes into play.

Listen to the Conversation. Access the full webinar on conversational AI here.

“The answer to scaling one-to-one personalized customer experiences is automation and artificial intelligence,” said Brucculeri. “Our belief is that if conversational AI is purpose built and can hand sessions off to human agents at the right time, they’re like a shield of armor for a brand’s care team… Hybrid solutions that involve both human care teams and AI are the way to win in this space.”

This application is just one opportunity for chatbots, however. They’re also being used in more active marketing roles. Conversational shopping, for example, is a relatively new concept. If a customer is browsing in a mall, they can get personalized messages about sales in nearby stores.

Brands can also use automated surveys to recommend products based on customers’ tastes. Questions are quick and easy to answer, and help companies learn about individual consumer preferences.

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Building Customer Loyalty, Digitally

For brands to keep pace with digital advancements, they must understand the reasoning behind each new toolset. The most successful brands online aren’t adding chatbots just because everyone else is doing it; they’re engaging their customers with the help of technology.

Modern customer support about more than answering questions. Digital-first brands are starting fresh conversations and getting to know audiences on a personal level.

This is the next wave of customer care, and it all starts with conversational AI.


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