Product Update: Training & Labeling Improvements, CSS Override, & More

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A recap of all of the new features, functionality, and bug fixes our product and engineering team have delivered recently.

Training & Labeling Improvements

We’ve added features to improve the NLP training workflow and help to ensure that the samples you’re focusing on are the ones that drive the most value for your experience.

  • Both the Training and Labeling tables now include an additional “ignore” option that allows irrelevant entries to be removed and not counted towards Precision or clog up your view.

  • We’ve also introduced a filter that allows your Conversational Designer to only train the bot using entries that have been previously labeled as incorrect. This creates a better workflow between training and labeling and allows the work done within labeling to inform which samples get trained. Learn more about labeling & training best practices.

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CSS Override

Our web chat comes with a suite of non-technical customization tools, but we’ve found that many of our enterprise partners want maximum control of the styling and placement of their web chat. You can now create, link, and host custom CSS override sheets directly within Snaps, allowing your web chat to exactly match the look and feel of your brand.

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Transcript Improvements

Whether it’s double-checking if a user was served the right response before training your NLP or diving in-depth into a user journey to better optimize a funnel, transcripts play a crucial role in analyzing and improving a bot experience. We’ve made some updates to how our transcripts render and have added in more information such as what intent was matched at the time of a user utterance and what action a user performed on a given block. We’ve also addressed issues that would occasionally make events appear out of order or appear multiple times.

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Infrastructure Automation

Over the last month, we have introduced AWS CloudFormation to normalize the provisioning, deployment and monitoring of all our services. This initiative furthers our flexibility to offer shared or dedicated cloud environments for our enterprise clients. 

Extended Shopify SMS Support

We’re excited to extend our existing Shopify support. In addition to the Messenger specific functionality Snaps supports, Shopify customers can now reengage users and manage conversations using the phone number that users have already provided with their order. 

Other Updates

  • You can now open an intent directly by clicking on it from the labeling or training tool.

  • Audience segmentation for precision. Previously the Precision report was only able to be segmented by date. Now, you can look at Precision for different audience segments (ie did users who gave a higher NPS score have their inquiries answered more accurately?)

  • Links to preview your web channel can now be found in the channels table. This means you can set up a demo or production web channel and in seconds test and QA it without having to install any code on your site.

  • Detailed view of change over time - you can find out the exact number being compared as well as the exact date in a previous range.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to not be able to delete a saved analytics segment.

  • Fixed a bug that caused language blocks to lose track of their language reference.

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