Manage Customers More Easily With AI Assistants


Across the ecommerce vertical, one essential factor plays a major role in driving a company’s success: its ability to maintain positive relationships with existing customers, while cultivating strong relationships with new ones. An effective ecommerce marketing strategy allows a business to thrive by ensuring its customers feel they have a professional, respectful, and even personal relationship with the brand. Innovative AI technologies can enhance your strategy. Specifically, ecommerce marketing automation platforms make it easier to respond to customer needs, learn about individual’s behaviors, and offer efficient customer service.

At Snaps, we’re dedicated to helping your company grow. That’s why we offer Conversational AI solutions designed for ecommerce companies to meet your needs in the fast-paced, digital world. These days, people expect convenience, and they expect it fast. With our conversational commerce solutions, you can meet those expectations consistently and reliably.

Create Conversations With an Intelligent Ecommerce Chatbot

Again, customers want to feel as though their relationship with your brand is authentic and personal. Offering this type of experience can be difficult. For instance, perhaps a customer wants to contact your business to learn more about an upcoming service or product. If only one person contacts you, it’s relatively easy to address their needs.

But you know that’s not likely to happen. It’s much more likely that several customers will reach out to your company every single day with questions, concerns, and even insights of their own. In order to serve all of them, you would need to employ a vast number of people to work as customer representatives. This isn’t feasible for most businesses; the expense is simply too great.

Instead, you should coordinate with professionals to develop a mobile ecommerce chatbot or an AI assistant. Unlike human customer service representatives, who can only respond to a limited number of people at a time, an AI assistant can respond to all of your customers’ needs without forcing anyone to wait for a representative to be available. On top of that, AI assistants can learn about each customer from each interaction it has with them, using that knowledge to offer an increasingly personalized degree of service.

A conversational commerce strategy that leverages intelligent automation doesn’t merely address your customer service needs. With an Intelligent Ecommerce Chatbot, you can also retarget more customers, up-sell using new channels, and drive purchases 24/7.

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What a Conversational AI Platform Can Do for You

As virtually any marketer and ecommerce expert knows, engaging with customers is very difficult these days. On the one hand, the internet, mobile devices, and related technologies all offer numerous avenues for connecting with an audience.

On the other hand, these technologies ensure that your customers are constantly distracted by other brands, other content, and other ecommerce marketing campaigns. You need to ensure your marketing and ecommerce strategies involve reaching out to customers directly. You can’t rely on them to engage with your brand; you need to take steps to facilitate interactions and relationships on your own through the right conversational commerce tools.

Begin the Conversation with AI Assistants

Thanks to conversational commerce solutions, you can. For instance, an intelligent ecommerce chatbot that has analyzed an individual customer’s behavior to learn more about them might send a message or alert directly whenever you’ve launched a relevant product or deal.

You don’t need to rely on human employees to send the necessary messages. AI assistant will determine when it’s a good time to message a customer, and it will send the appropriate message itself. This substantially reduces the workload your ecommerce marketing team faces, while also boosting overall customer engagement.

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Use AI Assistants for Re-Engagement

Ecommerce AI assistants can also re-engage with customers who’ve abandoned their shopping carts. Again, the digital age has also triggered the distracted age. Customers who may intend to purchase a product or service often stop in the middle of the process because something else has caught their attention. AI assistants remind them to complete the purchase.

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They also offer real-time analytics. No longer will your team have to spend hours poring over seemingly endless sets of data to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a campaign or strategy. With real-time analytics offered from an ecommerce marketing automation platform, you can make adjustments efficiently.

This is key to a strong ecommerce marketing strategy. Customers are much more satisfied when businesses make necessary changes fast. Doing so indicates the company is always striving to optimize the customer experience.

The Convenience of Conversational Commerce

At Snaps, our team will work closely with you to develop an intelligent ecommerce automation that meets your needs. We don’t believe there’s a “one size fits all” marketing automation platform. Instead, we understand the importance of tailoring our products to your brand.

You only have to build a chatbot once with Snaps. Once it’s complete, you can launch it on a wide range of messaging platforms, including Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger and more. That means you’ll reach as many customers as possible with a conversational commerce strategy on the platforms they’re actually using.

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