Conversational User Experiences – Adoption Curve Trends

Over 2017’s Black Friday holiday shopping weekend–which is defined as Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday–it was reported that tens of millions of people around the world purchased Amazon Alexa devices. With the undeniable popularity of the company’s conversational AI platform, we are seeing virtual assistants being utilized by more than just hardware companies. The likes of […]

Trend Watch: Digital Innovation & AI to Transform Financial Services

The financial services industry is changing rapidly. Thanks to fintech and related innovations, traditional ways of managing money are being replaced by more convenient alternatives. Specifically, the rise of chatbots in banking and AI technologies are disrupting the traditional financial framework and creating a form of conversational banking never seen before. For those currently working […]

Why You Should Replace Your App With a Chatbot

While apps have proven to be effective tools thus far, they may not be the ideal solution for much longer. Artificial intelligence technology is rapidly developing. That means it’s going to become much easier to create realistic AI chatbots in the near future. With chatbot technology, you can offer customers a more dynamic and personal […]

Snaps Powers VICES’s VICELAND Chatbot

Today, VICE launches VICELAND chatbot, a personalized, interactive Facebook chatbot for the Messenger experience. Talk about Messenger Marketing…  It’s a VICELAND viewers personal TV Guide.   The chatbot platform is built to help VICELAND viewers easily access a complete show schedule, find out which channel VICELAND is on in their local market and set show […]

Beginners Guide To A.I – What Is AI?

  The Difference Between AI, NLP, NLG, and NLU – What It Means for Marketers?  These acronyms refer to key elements involved in language technologies. Collectively they offer marketers a way to “listen” to what their customers are saying and provide solutions for their pain points, wishes and wants. Most companies have so much data […]

Snaps Launches New #BeStrong Emojis With Monica Lewinsky For Anti-Bullying Month

We are so proud to help drive awareness around Bullying Prevention Month and the issues surrounding cyber-bullying.  Today, bullying prevention social activist Monica Lewinsky announces the launch of the “In Real Life” PSA campaign – including new additions to the #BeStrong suite of emojis (powered by us at Snaps). October is Bullying Prevention Month and […]