Snaps & Sprinklr Integration Provides A Seamless Handoff Between Chatbots And Customer Care Agents

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This Press Release Was Originally Published on Sprinklr's Blog on September 12, 2018.

We're so thrilled to announce the new integration with Sprinklr, the world’s #1 social media management platform.


Sprinklr and Snaps are solving a brand’s biggest bot challenge by developing a new agent handoff for brands to manage the transition between automated and human agents on channels such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter and SMS.

Now, brands can easily manage the handoff between an automated bot and a human agent for complex customer care questions that require a personal touch. As a result, brands can provide a personalized commerce experience on messaging platforms while driving revenue and reducing customer care costs.

Top benefits of the Sprinklr and Snaps Agent Handoff include:

  • Powers a great experience by giving customers access to chatbots and responsive customer care agents via mobile and social applications they use daily.

  • Easy to implement and compatible with all popular mobile and social platforms.

  • Allows customer care agents to easily turn bot automation on and off.

  • Automatically triggers agent support after someone types a designated number of characters into a mobile or social application.

  • Provides a full view of the customer’s conversation with the chatbot and the agent all in the Sprinklr platform.

We launched this new handover protocol with Sprinklr in beta last quarter, and it is now the default solution for dozens of brands.

For example, a leading hotel chain is already using the Sprinklr and Snaps Agent Handoff to dramatically improve customer care. If a guest types a complicated sentence to the hotel on Facebook Messenger, an automatic agent handoff is triggered from the Snaps bot and the guest will be sent to the appropriate customer care representative. When the agent closes a ticket, another automatic handoff is triggered to re-activate the Snaps bot and the guest receives a message to let them know they are back in the bot experience. This customer journey is tracked in Sprinklr, so the customer care team understands how the guest was helped.

“Millennials are demanding that companies communicate with them with asynchronous messaging platforms — the way they talk to their friends. By 2025 75% of the workforce will be millennials and customer care is going the same way, with most customer care experts predicting that 50% of all customer service requests will be managed over social media in the next two years,” said Grad Conn, Chief Experience and Marketing Officer, Sprinklr. “We’re excited to partner with Snaps to power this exciting transformation in customer care!”

“We’re thrilled to invest alongside Sprinklr in making seamless experiences for brand marketers,” said Christian Brucculeri, CEO of Snaps. “Today, consumers expect service in multiple channels at any time. We’re living in an instant generation. By integrating with Sprinklr, we’re helping brands solve one of their biggest problems: scaling commerce and customer service while maintaining customer satisfaction scores.”

If you're interested in learning more about best-in-class care or more about this proprietary protocol, please reach out to Snaps here.