Bud Light Launches #MyTeamCan Beer Delivery Bot with Snaps

At Snaps, we believe Chatbots should provide value and make people's lives easier. Additionally, we're constantly thinking about ways to help our brand partners launch innovative experiences through conversational commerce. One particular area of interest right now for us is geo-location. How can we scale personal yet hyper-local chat experiences? The Bud Light bot embodies this. For NFL football fans, we've worked side-by-side with Bud Light to launch a bot that will ensure they have the best Sunday ever. Fans can now chat directly with Bud Light on Facebook Messenger and have some cold beers delivered right to them!

The football fan just has to go to the Bud Light Facebook page and chat with them through Messenger.

The Chatbot will first ask the user for age verification.


Following that, the user will see a Facebook Messenger carousel featuring the different NFL divisions - "AFC East", "AFC West", "AFC North".... etc.

The user then picks his team and is shown the #MyTeamCan can.


Finally, the user is taken to a personalized link to order their Bud Light (to be delivered in under one hour). The Bud Light bot is able to discern which delivery partner to use depending on where the user lives ie: Drizzly app if West Coast or MiniBar if the user lives in the East Coast.



The chatbot is a brand new initiative from AB, so data is limited and confidential. Next steps may include understanding more about which teams, regions etc are more aligned to this brand, channel and paradigm.Order some cold ones today!  https://www.messenger.com/t/budlight/