Snaps Is The Only Enterprise Chatbot Provider Mentioned In The Latest Forrester Report: Customers Want Convenience, Not Conversation

Today, we’re excited to announce Snaps’ featured inclusion in the latest Forrester Report, “Customers Want Convenience, Not Conversation”. In the Forrester report, they recognized that “digital business leaders should only build conversational interfaces where they offer more convenience than existing means of interacting with customers.” Here’s our brief overview of the report, and you can […]

Manage Customers More Easily With Chatbot Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

Across the ecommerce vertical, one essential factor plays a major role in driving a company’s success: its ability to maintain positive relationships with existing customers, while cultivating strong relationships with new ones. An effective ecommerce marketing strategy allows a business to thrive by ensuring its customers feel they have a professional, respectful, and even personal […]

Have a Conversation With Customers Using an AI Platform

No matter what industry you work in, customers want their interactions with your brand to feel personal. That’s why marketers need to develop ways to reach people without treating them like faceless leads. However, this is difficult: A single marketing team can’t have individual conversations with every single potential customer. Luckily, they don’t need to. […]

Snaps Launches New #BeStrong Emojis With Monica Lewinsky For Anti-Bullying Month

We are so proud to help drive awareness around Bullying Prevention Month and the issues surrounding cyber-bullying.  Today, bullying prevention social activist Monica Lewinsky announces the launch of the “In Real Life” PSA campaign – including new additions to the #BeStrong suite of emojis (powered by us at Snaps). October is Bullying Prevention Month and […]