Generate 4x ROI Through Automated Chat

Increase incremental revenue and LTV while reducing new acquisition and customer support costs through 1:1 conversation

Create A Powerful, Personal Chat Experience

Easy-to-use authoring tools for Facebook Messenger, SMS, Twitter, Slack, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Move Beyond Email Marketing

Snaps first-in-class marketing automation tool enables brands to have ongoing conversations, resulting in consistent 65-85% open rates and 25%+ CTR.

Measure Your Success

Real-time analytics, funnel optimization & A/B testing tools empower you to get actionable insights ensuring customer joy and sales go up.

Find New Customers, Affordably, At Scale

With Snaps programmatic advertising product, acquire new customers in Facebook Messenger for a fraction of the cost of a native mobile app user.

Convert Through Conversation

Drive 4x more revenue through conversational commerce experiences in addition to automatic cart abandonment reminders, replenishment reminders and back-in-stock alerts.

Reduce Customer Care Costs by 20%

Never make your customers wait on hold. Deflect calls with Snaps AI solution can answer the FAQ’s of your most demanding customers, with seamless handoff to customer service agents behind-the-scenes.

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