Drive 4x More Bookings With A Hotel Chatbot

Snaps works with leading hotels like Marriott and SPG to increase bookings, surpass 83% open rates & provide 24/7 customer support with our premiere hotel chatbot software

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Build Your Own Hotel Reservation Bot

Build and update your hospitality chatbot with our proprietary Chatbot authoring tool in just a few minutes. No developer required.

Artificial Intelligence is the Newest Hotel Marketing Technology

By leveraging breakthrough machine learning and natural language technologies like Wit.AI and IBM Watson for your hotel marketing, you can always make the conversational feel more human.

Analytics & Insights Are A Part of the Hotel Chatbot Software

Real-time analytics, build funnels, export event data, and get actionable insights on your hotel booking chatbot to intelligent re-engage users ensuring customer delight and sales go up.

Personalized Guest Service

Connect our hotel reservation bot platform to your hotel CRM and deliver personalized services to your guests around hotel preferences, customized room bookings and more.

Never Make Your Customers Wait On Hold

The days of 1-800 numbers are over. Our platform can help you build a hotel bot for customer service to answer the FAQ’s of your most demanding customer, while integrating with your Zendesk, Sprinklr or other support systems behind-the-scenes when necessary.

Book A Room With A Bot

Chatbot for hotel booking? Let us help you build a new audience to increase hotel bookings with your Chatbot.

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