Lowering Cart Abandonment Using Facebook Messenger Ecommerce Chatbot


According to Baymard Institute, nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Furthermore, according to Barilliance, the average ecommerce store loses over 75% of its sales to cart abandonment – the rate could even go as high as 83.6%. When it comes to saving abandoned carts, many companies use email to get there customers back to their site. The problem with using email is that inboxes are becoming flooded with brand messaging each day and many emails from your company are getting lost in the mix. A new way brands are opting to lower cart abandonment is by using a Facebook Messenger chatbot for retail.

A Shopping Chatbot Can Reach and Re-Engage Your Customers

Adweek reports that today there are 1.3 billion people and 60 million businesses using Messenger today. On top of that, Messenger is currently getting 619% more engagement than email. This makes it an ideal platform to re-engage with customers using the best ecommerce chatbot possible.   Email’s decreasing open rates and click through rates have to contend with the massive engagement from users with Facebook Messenger and its associated shopping chatbots. It is no wonder companies are now looking to Messenger marketing to save their customers and lower cart abandonment.

From the beginning stages of the shopping process – like suggesting products – to people deciding on a final purchase, an ecommerce bot is becoming a very efficient tool in moving people through the funnel.

Build Relationships With the Best Ecommerce Chatbot

Beyond offering more engagement, a retail assistant chatbot on Facebook Messenger can lower your abandoned cart rates by building trust with customers through the app. You can send social proof,  company information, coupons, and more to customers through the ecommerce bot. This then gives them a stronger sense of trust when deciding to make a purchase, and they will be less likely to abandon their cart before checkout.

Establishing trust with an ecommerce chatbot is also beneficial for luring customers back to make repeat purchases. Once they feel loyal to your brand, shoppers will be more likely to return. Messenger marketing also makes it easier to appeal to them if they do abandon their cart because by building this relationship, you can now appeal to them in a more personal and effective way.  

Use Messenger Marketing to Improve Customer Service That Lowers Cart Abandonment

Another way to build trust and encourage purchases is by offering easy customer support through a retail assistant chatbot on Messenger. When customers are able to contact a company quickly with a chatbot for retail, they are more likely to trust it and therefore make purchasing decisions faster.

For example, if someone has a question about the size of a dress, rather than trying to find the answer through the website then giving up (resulting in an abandoned cart), they can simple go to your company’s shopping chatbot and ask for assistance. Chatbots are a great tool for retail in terms of customer service because give shoppers the quick responses they need in order for them to make purchases quickly and efficiently.

A Retail Assistant Chatbot Connects You Directly With Shoppers

To lower your brand’s cart abandonment, a shopping chatbot will reach out to your customers directly. And unlike email, they won’t end up lost in the inbox.

The best ecommerce chatbot also has the ability to allow customers to make purchases within the app. As opposed to an email which moves them to the website to complete their checkout, Messenger marketing can allow them to complete the transaction without having to move to a different platform.

An ecommerce bot creates less friction and more communication between the customer and your brand. In doing so, you can lower cart abandonment rates more efficiently and capitalize on those sales while also building trust and loyalty among shoppers.

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