Say It With Stickers

Supercharge the conversation with branded iMessage stickers, custom emoji keyboards and sticker syndication.

Launch Your Own Keyboard

Just upload your emojis and publish. Snaps easy-to-use solution allows you to build the same iMessage Sticker Pack or Over-the-Top keyboard with just a few clicks.

Learn From Your Users

See how your content is performing in real time. Track trending stickers, most shared content, engagement rate and be informed about what your customers are talking about.

Connect With Your Audience

Send smart push notifications through our Intelligent Messaging Engine. Great for driving tune-in for your show, the big game, or a new product launch.

Personalize The Experience

Upload stickers, GIFs, audio files, video files and more. Snaps platform allows you to organize stickers by category, skin tones, and even by geolocation.

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