Snaps Partners With True Fit to Bring Greater Personalization Into Conversation


We are thrilled to be part of the True Fit Partner Program! Conversation is truly the next paradigm for marketing, shopping and providing great customer care experiences at scale. The top four messaging apps have surpassed social networks in global popularity. Facebook recently announced there are over 1.3 billion users on the Messenger platform making it a huge opportunity for brands to achieve new scale.

We are entering the third great phase of digital, and it will be conversation. Consumers once shifted from search and email on desktop devices to social and apps on mobile devices and are now shifting again to messaging and voice; and with that change comes a huge paradigm shift in the way that they want to engage with brands.

By partnering with True Fit, Snaps creates enormous opportunities for brands that are prepared for this future to create great consumer experiences and drive higher conversions because here at Snaps, we are changing the way brands build relationships with consumers through conversational marketing and conversation commerce.

Leading retail brands leverage the Snaps platform to acquire new customers, increase lifetime value and improve the customer experience at scale through automated conversations in iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more.

By integrating with True Fit, Snaps can enrich the conversation and allow consumers to engage in a human like, natural conversation that personalizes responses, whether finding the right size & fit or suggesting styles that will flatter the shopper.

With Snaps platform, global brands including Nike Jordan Brand, Michael Kors, Foot Locker, Macy’s INC, Coty, Marriott, Starwood Resorts and others are seeing 10x improvements in engagement rates and 5x improvements in conversion vs. email, and 90%+ containment of inbound service inquiries through automation, while maintaining industry leading customer satisfaction ratings.

Our goal by partnering with True Fit is to gain access to the largest data collective for apparel & footwear in the world and infuse the intelligence of the Genome in chatbots to drive more personalization, higher AOV and lower returns.

At Snaps, we love how True Fit is able to stitch together a deep understanding of each consumer and garment style by mapping millions of styles from nearly twelve thousand brands together, combined with the knowledge of millions of customer’s style and brand affinities, personal characteristics, and fit preferences. Now, we can infuse this same data and intelligence into every customer interaction and create truly personal experiences for each and every shopper.

Interested in utilizing True Fit customer data in a chatbot? Reach out us here.