Snaps Transforms the Tiffany & Co. Holiday Gift Shopping Experience


The Digital Opportunity: Consumers Dream Big at Tiffany & Co. with Personalized Gift Guides and “Drop a Hint” Campaign

New York, N.Y., December 6, 2018 – Tiffany & Co., the iconic luxury retailer, turned to Snaps, the leading conversational automation platform, to elevate the consumer holiday shopping experience with the launch of an innovative gift guide. Snaps’ unparalleled technology is an instrumental component behind the Tiffany & Co. “The Holidays Made by Tiffany” marketing campaign, trending as #BelieveInDreams. "The holiday season is a time of year when more than ever, we're inspired to dream," according to Reed Krakoff, chief artistic officer, Tiffany & Co., who refers to the campaign as capturing “the spirit of a Tiffany holiday where anything is possible."

In support of expanding the realm of possibilities this season, AI-powered conversational solutions were integrated within the retailer’s Facebook Messenger application to develop an always-on, interactive holiday gift guide. Users begin the conversation by visiting the Tiffany & Co. Facebook page or searching Tiffany & Co. within the Messenger application. They are prompted to take a quiz designed to discover the perfect gift based on recipient.

Tiffany's Gift Guide

Once an item is selected, the introduction of the unique “drop a hint” function takes customer service to the next level, allowing visitors to seamlessly hint to a gift they would like for themselves. Consumers can share the piece with the message, “Hint hint, this is at the top of my wish list.” The entire process is completed in-app, bringing simplicity to spreading joy this holiday season. This is a welcome change from the multi-step process of copying links inherent in email, providing the high level of customer service that Tiffany & Co. is renowned for.

Tiffany's Drop a Hint option

Of the campaign, Snap’s chief executive officer, Christian Brucculeri, says, “Tiffany & Co., the most iconic brick and mortar retailer, realized the benefit of extending the strength of its brand to groundbreaking, in-app conversational marketing solutions. Messaging platforms are emerging as one of the most influential channels that companies can access to engage their consumers. Snaps is proud to leverage its innovative technology to create this amazing digital experience, enhancing the conversation between one of the world’s most renowned global brands and its audience during the most impactful sales season of the year."

AI-powered conversation technology was also integrated within the Tiffany & Co. Facebook messenger app to manage the burden placed upon customer service during this busy season via a chatbot to efficiently and accurately handle FAQs. This technology also has the capability to provide product suggestions based on the user’s interest and can ultimately drive more intent to purchase activities and purchase conversions. Snaps continues to pioneer the way in this space, driving growth through transformative communications.

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