The Platform for Conversational AI

Enhance your customer journey with always on, AI-powered solutions that enable sales, marketing and customer care teams.

Drive More Sales with Conversational Commerce

Help your customers find the right products with intelligent, personalized sales assistance in the channels they prefer.

Improvement In Sales Conversion Rates
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Deliver Always On Service That Delights

Streamline simple contact drivers like FAQs, order status, billing inquiries, and more. Reduce service volumes by up to 60% with conversational AI.

Reduction In Service Volumes
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Discover a High Performance Marketing Channel

Today’s most impactful marketing campaigns leverage messaging channels such as SMS and Facebook Messenger to engage consumers where they spend their time.

More Effective Than Email
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Elevate Your Social Presence

Convert channels like Facebook Messenger and Twitter into sales opportunities with sales assistance, automated service and re-engagements that work.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings
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Snaps Makes Conversational AI Easy


World class solutions team and toolkit to get you to market quickly


Enterprise grade ISO 27001 Information Security Management System


Seamless integrations with your existing data and software


Authoring and training tools that support over a 130 languages


Engage on Web, SMS, Messenger, Twitter, iOS, Android and more


Customer Success team to drive forward positive business outcomes

This will shape the future of communications in Service.
- Larry Rodgers, Sr. Director Digital Experience at Nike



Snaps is a recognized leader in reinventing the conversational experience. Find out how your brand can begin transforming the way it speaks to customers.