SXSW 2018 Recap – Bots & BBQ

Thank you, Austin for a great 2018 South by Southwest! It was a terrific week with a few main highlights: SXSW Survival Guide Chatbot & Emoji Keyboard:  As AdWeek said about them, “Want to Know Which SXSW Events Are Must-Sees? Ask This Chatbot ‘Survival Guide’ aggregates the best panels and parties. Making sense of SXSW—and figuring […]

How Chatbots Bring New Revenue Streams for E-commerce Brands

The age of artificial intelligence is upon us. In fact, it is expected that global revenue from artificial intelligence will grow from $643.7 million in 2016 to $36.8 billion by 2025. A big portion of this revenue will be thanks to retail. Thanks in large part to chatbots for retail, the average shopper is experiencing AI as […]

Take Advantage of Messaging Apps With These Marketing Tips

With the rise of social media, we have seen the rise of new digital marketing trends in 2018. Brands are advertising on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and beyond to stay in touch with their customers and reach the right audiences. However, the channel worth watching is conversational marketing and businesses need to keep up. It goes […]

Here’s Why Chatbots are the Best AI Marketing Automation Tool

When looking to converse with customers – whether it be for customer service or sales purposes – looking to an AI marketing automation platform can help enhance the experience. With a conversational marketing strategy that uses messaging apps to reach users, your customers will be using something that is both easy and familiar. There are various […]

If You’re Considering CRM Marketing Automation, Use a Chatbot

Automated marketing solutions are set to transform the digital advertising landscape. According to Chatbot Magazine, marketing automation refers to software that aims to automate marketing actions, such as staying in touch, managing contacts, and campaign management. Overall, this CRM marketing strategy gives audiences the right information at the right time and assists businesses on gathering […]

Why Chatbots are a Great Tool for Surveys, NPS, and Customer Service

“Yes, I would love to take your survey!” said no one ever. Gathering feedback from a large group is always difficult, especially when most audiences aren’t usually keen on taking time out of their day to share their experiences, unless those experience have either been incredible or terrible. Anytime an experience falls somewhere in the […]

Snaps Integrates With Adobe Campaign To Enhance Leading Enterprise Brand’s Messenger Chatbots With CRM Data

With this integration, Adobe Campaign customers can further extend their campaign channel to Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Skype, and other platforms Today we formally announce an integration with Adobe Campaign, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Snaps enterprise chatbot platform empowers marketers to segment and engage customers through conversation across messaging and voice apps. One benefit of […]

Snaps Integrates With Yext To Enhance Enterprise Brand’s Messenger Chatbots

The integration lets consumers discover a brand’s store hours, nearest location and more when chatting with a brand in Facebook Messenger. Today, we’re so thrilled to announce our partnership with Yext. At Snaps, our enterprise chatbot platform empowers marketers to segment and engage customers through conversation across messaging and voice systems. One benefit of Snaps platform […]

Airlines are Using Chatbots to Streamline the Customer Experience

Airlines are rarely known for their customer service: Canceled flights, delays, overbooked flights, those ever-rising baggage fees, etc. and you understand how customers can get frustrated. In hopes of make flying a more seamless experience and improve airline customer service, aviation companies are looking to new technology to market their products while helping fliers find […]