Design & Publish

Elevate Your Customer Journey

Since 2015, Snaps has been designing conversational AI for the world’s top brands across every industry, on every channel. We built tools to solve real-world challenges, so you won’t have to.

Design the Perfect Conversation

Build dynamic conversations with Snaps conversational UI components, custom data collections, context, intent, user properties and our rules engine. Our authoring tools have everything you need to capture valuable data and personalize the experience.

Grow Your Audience

Leverage our acquisition tools to acquire new customers and track channels for performance. Our opt-in tools allow consumers to subscribe for pre stock, out of stock, on sale, shipping notifications and more.

Orchestrate the Customer Journey

Automate the right message at the right time with Snaps engagement tools. Based on UI configurable rules, send reminders to complete a purchase, notify of a back in stock item, query for customer satisfaction, or send regularly scheduled and personalized product updates.