How Chatbots Can Pair With Email to Achieve Your Marketing Goals


Advances in artificial intelligence are changing the ways businesses are able to communicate with their audiences and it is proving to be very effective. As a result, chatbots are becoming one of the best ways to engage customers. Recently, we have seen a lot of articles that discuss chatbot marketing vs. email marketing. Since chatbots are receiving high engagement rates while the open and click-through rates of email are declining, it is not a surprising conclusion that chatbots are more effective than email marketing.

Many companies are lucky to get a 5-10% open rate through email marketing, while Messenger chatbot marketing through Facebook Messenger boasts an average 70-80% open rate in the first hour. Not a lot to argue with there in terms of chatbot marketing vs. email marketing, but you also need to consider that email marketing still delivers great conversions.

According to Entrepreneur, “Surveys reported in Search Engine Journal showed that 66% of consumers polled had made a purchase based on an email marketing message. That’s more than twice the conversion rate of all the social media platforms combined.”

By looking at these numbers it is clear that your marketing strategy cannot afford to replace one channel with another. Instead, try using email marketing and chatbots together to achieve your marketing goals.

Why Email Marketing and Chatbots Complement Each Other

You would never use just one marketing channel, so there is no reason to abandon your email marketing tactics just because Messenger chatbot marketing is performing better. By creating a strategy that joins email marketing and chatbots, you can get the results you crave.

These two channels can very often have different functions. An email drip campaign can be great for telling the story of your brand, while a chatbot can be used best for answering customer service questions in a timely fashion. It is important to understand which platform – chatbot marketing vs. email marketing – is best for certain use-cases and act accordingly.

It is also possible to promote one channel on the other and get even higher engagement on both. For example, use your email marketing to inform your customers of your customer service chatbot.

You can also use your Messenger chatbot marketing to gather email addresses. Then, offer subscribers content through your bot and ask if they would like to receive similar media via your newsletter. This kind of cross promotion is a great strategy for integrating email marketing and chatbots and in turn gain more users on both channels.

Furthermore, statistics show that 33% of 18 - 24-year-olds prefer to buy products directly from Facebook. Since you are able to allow customers to purchase your products directly from your bot, the use of Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing may be the ideal situation. If you’re also running Facebook ads, you will see even more reach and success. Support this with an email marketing strategy, and the sky’s the limit!

It’s time to see how email marketing and chatbots can work together for you. Contact Snaps today about building your own, branded chatbot.


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