Conversational AI: Build or Partner?

Conversational AI Build or Partner

The world is full of binary choices. “Chicken or fish?” “Hot or cold coffee?” “Drive or walk?”

And, in business, there’s the common refrain: “Build or buy?”

For conversational AI, that often translates into: “Build or partner?” If you choose not to build and support your own platform, then you engage in a subscription with a partner company like Snaps.

As with all the other choices, it comes down to pros versus cons.

4 Pros & Cons of Building Your Own AI-Powered Chatbot & Choosing a Trusted Partner

1. Engineering Resources

Build: If you build your own, you are handing a major resource hog to your engineering department, which undoubtedly already has their hands full. But it’s not just a project that needs ongoing attention. It needs to be an AI-powered platform so that changes can regularly be made to the intelligent experience.

Partner: There’s no AI platform to build and support, no continual updating to keep up with competitor’s intelligent chatbots, and no complaining engineering department. It’s just sign up, configure the platform for your particular needs, and get rolling.

2. Conversational AI Specialists

Build: You know those engineering resources we just said you need to dedicate to developing and maintaining this platform? Well, “engineering resources” was just a shorthand. In fact, Conversational AI is a new way of communication that requires a variety of highly trained specialists.

Of course, there are developers, who need to understand how to create and manage an adaptable platform with backend support and intelligent, user-friendly tools for building conversations. But there are also AI/machine learning engineers, conversational authors/designers, solutions architects, visual designers and others.

Partner: Over the years at Snaps, we’ve built a world-class team of experts tuned specifically to the task of providing easy-to-use conversational AI tools and delivering a great conversational experience to customers. It’s like a great music group: lots of people can sing or play instruments, but you need the right team of highly experienced players, each an expert with their instrument and each working seamlessly with the others, to make the music soar.

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3. Access by Everyone

Build: Your engineering team needs to get the user requirements from everyone in your organization, techies and non-techies, so there can be an efficient collaboration between teams. That means the platform needs to be designed so anyone can build conversations, review analytics, pull reports or create customer journeys and customer re-engagements.  

Partner: A high-end Conversational AI platform like Snaps’ has extensively surveyed all kinds of users’ needs, tested them in countless environments, and refined the capabilities based on continual feedback.

In other words, our platform already has its boots on.

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4. The Future Keeps Changing

Build: Your platform needs to be highly adaptable, since there are constantly new and major developments in the many chat environments. Facebook, for instance, is continually making updates and platform improvements. And then there are the flow of improvements from Google, for RCS messaging (Rich Communications Services), on Twitter and WhatsApp, and in other channels. It’s a constantly moving target, but you need to constantly hit the bullseye or the experience will drive your customers away.

Partner: Snaps is designed for multi-channel deployment, and we constantly monitor the changes at Facebook, Google, Twitter and elsewhere so our automated agents can readily adapt. In other words, we worry about the changing delivery mechanisms so you don’t have to.

Because we work directly as development partners with all of the communication channels, we also have direct access to prototypes of new features. This means that, through our platform, you know what’s coming down the road.

So, the choices between chicken or fish, hot or cold coffee or walking versus driving can have their own consequences, but they are nothing like the choice between build versus partner. 

If you prefer not to suffer the indigestion and fatigue of building your own Conversational AI platform, get in touch with us.


Snaps is recreating how brands build and maintain relationships with their customers through conversational AI.

Global brands including Nike Jordan, Live Nation, Marriott Bonvoy, Simon Properties, Coty, VICE and more leverage the Snaps technology platform to acquire new customers, increase lifetime value and improve their customer experience with a complete, Always On AI-powered conversational solution. Snaps is an Inc. 100 business, one of the few companies listed in Facebook Messenger’s Partner Directory, a designated Leader’ by Opus Research and frequently covered by Forrester research on conversational marketing.