Omni-Channel Configuration and Publishing Enhancements

Introducing Seamless Multi-Channel Deployment and Publishing

At Snaps, supporting conversational AI across an array of messaging channels has always been a core part of our offering. We are excited to release enhancements to our channel configuration and publishing tools that further your ability to author, iterate and publish with ease.

Often, brands can benefit from publishing the same conversational experience on multiple channels. For example, a brand may want to run an experience on their website, in their native app and on Facebook Messenger. Cloning an experience has always been possible on the Snaps platform and in some cases is still desirable. However, many times it is not. To maintain parity, brands must analyze, train, optimize and manage multiple sources of truth.

Now, you can expand a single conversational experience to additional channels in a matter of minutes. As you analyze, optimize, and extend; you can publish changes to all your channels.  Each channel supports demo and production environments, allowing you to iterate a single experience while running QA at the channel level. We have also extended configuration options for web, native apps and SMS channel SDKs to allow for increased branding and control.   

Channels - Snaps CMS

Empowering our clients to meet consumers on their terms through extensive channel support and enterprise grade publishing tools continues to be a core focus of our product development efforts. We are actively planning and developing additional channel adapters, publishing controls and automated testing features to ensure you can iterate and extend with confidence. If you’d like to learn more or contribute to our product roadmap discussions, please reach out to your Solutions Architect.


If you’d like to get more information about how Snaps can help your organization create and launch a multi-channel marketing, sales, and customer care experience, reach out to schedule a demo.

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