Introducing The Conversational Marketing Cloud

Today, we're so proud to unveil the Conversational Marketing Cloud ™, the first Chatbot CRM & full end-to-end platform for marketing automation, commerce and customer support in mobile messaging. Built for CMOs, eCommerce and customer support leaders, consultants and agencies, the Snaps Conversational Marketing Cloud ™ empowers creative marketers to build their own Chatbots, emoji keyboards, and custom iMessage experiences. The platform also offers in-depth insights and analytics, allowing brands to track real-time performance, receive user insights, and analyze customer conversions.

"The Snaps platform is seamless and easy to use," says Amanda Moore, senior director, social and digital marketing at Marriott International. "It gives us the flexibility to monitor user behavior in real-time and take immediate action to deliver an elevated Chatbot experience for our users. We can launch quickly. We can analyze quickly. We can iterate quickly.”

Created in response to a massive and global shift in consumer behavior, we've been building the Conversational Marketing Cloud ™ in beta for the past year with select brands. The technology is already powering the most innovative Chatbot and iMessage experiences for major consumer brands including Nike Jordan, Marriott Rewards, Nordstrom, L’Oreal USA, Bud Light, and 120 other leading brands, celebrities and non-profits.

Aligned with the Conversational Marketing Cloud ™ launch, we published two comprehensive playbooks,  “The Messaging Survival Guide - Everything You Need To Know About Building, And Growing Your Chatbot” and “The Messaging Survival Guide - The Essential Guide To Creating And Activating Viral Content For Messaging”. Snaps’ Chatbot and peer-to-peer playbooks equip creative marketers with the essential knowledge required to deliver an impactful mobile messaging experience to their customers through proven strategy, insights, case studies, and proprietary data.

Some key features about the Conversational Marketing Cloud ™:

  • Build Once, Launch Everywhere: Snaps customers can now build chatbots, voice bots, emoji keyboards and iMessage Apps without a developer, and launch experiences across iOS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Android, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Kik, Siri, Google Assistant and others. The Snaps platform is self-serve, allowing users to see what their Chatbot looks like in real time. The authoring tools also feature pre-built templates to help brand marketers or publishers easily get started. Experienced developers and digital agencies can also build custom integrations right in the chatbot authoring tool. For brands with a global customer base, Snaps authoring tool allows easy deployment of bots in multiple languages.
  • Smart Data and NLP Integrations To Bring 1-to-1 At Scale: The Snaps platform can leverage content databases, CRM and custom data sets to make bots personalized for customers. Additionally, Snaps leverages best-in-class Natural Language Understanding technologies including Wit.Ai, Microsoft LUIS, Watson and others to extract intent, which powers the Dialog Manager, delivering the right message to your customers.
  • Intelligent Messaging: Snaps’ technology allows users to create segments and rule-based notifications to drive funnel conversions and re-engagement. The Snaps platform uses machine learning, applied to the publishing engine to be more predictive about the type of content and the time a consumer is most likely to engage. Snaps’ platform helps with user acquisition; leveraging in-bot data to efficiently acquire new customers at low cost to drive sales.
  • Analytics And Insights: Snaps real-time dashboard lets users track performance, receive consumer insights by seeing user-level profiles that work off of identity services like Facebook, analyze customer conversions, and create funnels on-the-fly using tags. With in-depth analytics for both Chatbots and peer-to-peer applications, users can track metrics including most shared images, Chatbot engagement, sales conversions and more. Users can design multiple Chatbot flows to A/B test the best experience for consumers. Through the proprietary Snaps tracking pixel, re-engage users who abandon shopping carts and re-market to them. Using Snaps’ analytics dashboard, non-engineers can build custom charts, funnels and goals, making it easier to bring customers back to the brands Chatbot or peer-to-peer application.
  • Enterprise Ready: Built for the enterprise, Snaps uses above-industry standard security and encryption, including HTTPS/TLS, encrypting data at rest with AES-256 for all brand data, ensuring privacy and security for it’s customers and their audiences. Snaps has cutting edge data solutions and experienced design teams to offer custom integrations and tech enabled support to all brands.

Melanie Cohn, Digital and Social Media At Dunkin Donuts says, "In a time when ad blocking is the new normal, marketers must embrace choice-based ad offerings in the quest for true attention. We’ve embraced the philosophy of choice-based media versus interruptive, unwanted experiences. Snaps helps us unlock this new creative opportunity in mobile messaging, and helps us reach our most loyal customers where they are most engaged; mobile messaging. The Snaps platform is seamless and easy to use—giving us the ability to upload new stickers, report, and optimize content in real-time based on user trends and insights".